Emergency Medical Assistance (E.M.A.)

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Emergency Medical Assistance (E.M.A.)

Emergency Medical Assistance offers a Mobile, Home & Business Emergency System

What is the E.M.A System?

E.M.A is an affordable, effective and essential service for everybody.

Operated 24/7, to assist with:

  • Medical Assistance
  • Personal Protection
  • Travel Assistance
  • Protection of Life and Property

How does the E.M.A System Work?

When our transmitter is triggered, the sender automatically connects to our control centre via the mobile network. The connection is immediate and your personal information will give all important information to our service operator.

What services does Emergency & Medical Assistance offer?

  • Key Depot
  • Absence Service
  • Appointment Service
  • Private Emergency Service (Ambulance)
  • Mobile Emergency Tracking
  • Private Medical Accompaniment
  • Pharmacy and Medication Assistance
  • Medical Telephonic Assistance

Emergency Medical Services

In case of a medical Emergency, our control centre will dispatch the nearest ambulance and if needed an Advanced Life Support – Paramedic to the emergency.

How will you and your family benefit from E.M.A.?

With E.M.A. you can rest assured. Whether you at home or out shopping, driving, travelling or just visiting a friend, we ensure that you are always connected to our qualified staff at the touch of a button.

E.M.A. is perfectly suited for:
  • Elderly people
  • Single people of all ages
  • Temporary or long term ill patients
  • Staff or Directors who travel extensively
  • Families who want to ensure that their loved ones have additional protection

Plumbing & Electrical Services

At any time of the day E.M.A. can assist and dispatch our partners for plumbing and electrical emergencies.

Tow-In Services

When you are stranded along the road, your car has a breakdown or you are involved in an accident, E.M.A has a tow-in service at your disposal.